Thursday, June 6, 2013

Easy Tomato Sauce

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my blog. My first recipe is a simple tomato sauce that I put together last night. Before I had always bought sauce from a jar but last night I had a little extra time on my hands and I figured, hey why not try to make a pasta sauce from (almost) scratch. This sauce is rich, tangy, full of flavor, and 10x better than store bought sauce. I really encourage you to give it a try.

(makes enough for 6)

1 1/2 can of  diced tomatoes ....I used Hunts 
1/2 can of tomato paste...........I used Simple Truth
4 cloves of fresh garlic, chopped up finely
3 leaves of fresh basil chopped
couple dashes of oregano
dash of sugar (if you like a sweeter sauce)
enough olive oil to cover skillet

Start by pouring olive oil into skillet
Put chopped garlic into skillet until golden, DO NOT burn
Pour in can of tomatoes and tomato paste, stir
Put in basil leaves, salt, (pepper if you like), oregano and sugar if you'd like
Stir and then serve over pasta, chicken, fish, or use as dip for bread. 

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